Stretching Myths Exposed

Whether you are among those who stretches for a few minutes immediately after waking up or never miss a stretch before and after exercise, there are many things you have probably heard about stretching. Some say that the benefits of stretching are very much exaggerated whereas others imply that stretching is far more important than we realize. The way you view stretching can have profound effects on the way you go about your stretches and the degree to which you do them. With this in mind, let us consider a few common misconceptions about stretching and learn the facts.

1. If you stretch, you won’t have muscle pains

How often have you heard people say that the reason for your muscle aches and pains is because you probably didn’t do enough stretching? In a study conducted on 2000 adults that stretched before and after they did any workout, it was discovered that the workout pains still remained despite the stretching. The reason for this is stretching simply warms up your muscles making them flexible whereas soreness is a result from micro tears in your muscles. Obviously there is no way stretching can prevent this. So the fact is no matter how hard you stretch, you cannot totally avoid muscle aches.

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