Little Signs that may Spell Big Health Problems

Don’t you sometimes wish your body would tell you when you ought to go to the doctor? In a way it does. The problem is we sometimes aren’t listening and dismiss these small nudges as nothing. There are many subtle ways your body does warn you of impending serious health problems. Many of these seem harmless and even ‘normal’ but may be red alerts from your body. Here are a few of such ‘harmless’ things that could very well be signs of major health problems.

Prostate cancer

You may think the sign of prostate cancer would be somewhere below the belt but it isn’t. Studies show that men who experience moderate balding have an 83% more chance of getting prostate cancer when they age. Does this mean that hair somehow protects you from prostate cancer? Sadly no. Testosterone which is the main cause of balding and prostate problems.

Parkinson’s disease

If you thought Parkinson’s disease only manifests itself when one reaches seniority you are dead wrong. Early signs of Parkinson’s can be detected with changes in handwriting. The reason for this because the same chemical- dopamine that is no longer produced in people with Parkinson’s also affects handwriting. So if you notice that you can keep a consistent handwriting, it may be an early sign of dopamine deficiency.


A recent study suggests that the length of ones fingers may predict the potential of a person’s susceptibility to mental diseases such as schizophrenia. Those who had an index finger that is shorter than the ring finger indicates a high exposure to testosterone in the uterus. This may result in a hormonal imbalance that is the common cause of schizophrenia.



If you seem to constantly have a “hate- affair” with doing anything that requires calculations, you could be in line for more serious memory problems as you age including Alzheimer’s. A study conducted showed the relationship between a person’s ability to do financial calculations with mild cognitive impairment.

Heart Disease

Snoring can be caused by a number of factors but recent studies show that it can be an early warning sign of a weak heart. Since the arteries in the neck tend to thicken in snorers, this makes them more prone to heart attacks.

Although these silent signs are not conclusive, it is important to be aware of them especially if you experience them frequently. Like they say “better safe than sorry”.