Stretching When Wake Up – Why?

It has been said that 50% of sports injuries could have been prevented with stretching. Stretching however is not simply something to think about before and after you work out. It has been discovered that doing a few simple stretches when you wake up can have far reaching health benefits. There are many reasons your body seems to automatically stretch after waking up. Here are some of the health benefits doing some morning stretches can have on your body.

1Better posture

Being able to sit and stand properly isn’t only something that will increase your sex appeal. Since maintaining a good posture helps keep your muscles in shape, this in turn will help with your metabolism. Simply sitting up straight as you work can help you burn fat in the middle. A study conducted in Australia recently found out that for every hour spent lazily slouching on the couch, about 21/8 minutes were taken away from the viewer’s life expectancy. As shocking as this may seem, good posture is indeed a life and death issue.


2 Reduced Stress

When we experience stress, blood flow is restricted which causes tension in your body. Stretching on the other hand stimulates the nervous system which decreases the production of stress causing hormones. If your work requires you to sit for extended periods of time, it is recommended that you take a few minutes after a while to stretch your fingers, arms, legs, toes, wrists, neck and spine.

3Better Joint Flexibility

If your body is able to have better range of motion, not only will you be able to endure doing physical activities but your risk of injury is greatly reduced. Those with decreased flexibility are more likely to develop arthritis and have weak balance that can cause accidents from daily tasks.

4Better muscle mass

Research done at Florida State University discovered the effects stretching has on building muscle mass and interestingly, it is similar to the effects strength training has on the body. Stretching creates small tissue tears that the body then repairs producing better muscle mass as a result.

The fact is you can greatly improve your overall health and fitness by simply taking a few minutes after you wake up to stretch. Aside from these physical health benefits, starting off the day with a stretch also helps mentally and psychologically promoting positive thinking and better work performance. Clearly, a stretch a day just might keep the doctor a way.