Firefighter’s Wife Startled When He Tells Her They Can Keep Baby He Delivered At Work

We have all heard the story of the Stork, right? Where a baby has been pre-selected for you and brought to you by a large bird from the heavens? Well, this story may seem close to that fantasy…

Marc and Beth Hadden, from South Carolina had been wanting another child for a long time. They already had two wonderful boys but they desperately wanted a third child. They had been told that the possibility of conceiving another naturally was unlikely, which was a devastating blow. They had discussed the options and were talking about adopting but they finally decided to let fate decide and, they figured, if they were meant to have another child, well, they would receive some sign…

And receive it they did. Marc, a fire-fighter and part-time police officer, was just doing his job when he was called to the scene of a pregnant woman in labour.  He and his team naturally wanted to get the woman to a hospital, but there was no time. In dramatic fashion, Marc ended up delivering the baby. Overwhelmed and buzzing with joy, Marc called Beth and told her all about the amazing experience. The crazy thing is, shortly after Marc found out from the authorities that the baby had been immediately put up for adoption! In that moment, he knew that this must have been the sign they were waiting for and set the wheels in motion to adopt her.

As with the story of the stork, it was as though the baby had chosen them. They had tried for so many years for another child and had all but given up on the idea that their family could expand. And yet here she was, in the most surprising circumstances, giving them their shot at being parents again after all these years.

The beautiful and heart-warming end to this story…they all lived happily ever after. Beth and Marc are now the proud parents of baby Grace and their two sons have a baby sister. It seems not only was Marc her saviour but he was also meant to be her papa.

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