Do you Need Better Nutrition? 9 Signs to Listen to

Your body knows you more than you know yourself. It knows exactly what it needs and when it doesn’t get it, will let you know by showing you. Here are nine signs that mean that your body is crying out for you to give it better nutrition.

  1. Your wounds heal slowly. Calories and proteins have a profound effect on the healing process so if you find that your wounds are taking longer than normal to heal, there might be something wrong with your diet.
  2. Your nails easily break of. Brittle nails usually indicate a deficiency in magnesium. Food such as avocado, whole grains and bananas are needed in this case.
  3. Your hands are cold. This can be a sign of a lack of iodine. Fish and shrimp among other sea foods are the solution to getting more iodine.
  4. You’re getting wrinkles. If you aren’t supposed to get wrinkles and you find them on your face, you could simply be lacking vitamins A to E. Eating more fruits and vegetables as well as antioxidants can solve your deficiency.
  5. Your hair breaks easily. Brittle, straw-like hair could mean a lack of protein in your diet. Eating more meat or beans, eggs and nuts will work.

    Video: Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies Through Nails, Skin & Hair

  6. You have inconsistent bowel movement. Whether it is diarrhea or constipation, inconsistent bowel movement is commonly caused by a lack of fiber. It is suggested that whole wheat, pasta and bran are eaten to help with digestion.
  7. Your skin is dry. Although this can also be caused by the cold, another alternative is a lack of vitamin A. Carrots, dark leafy greens and red meat as well as butter are good sources of Vitamin A.
  8. Your tongue is fissured. If you find that your tongue looks like it’s part of the ruins of an ancient city, it may be due to a lack of Vitamin B. Fish, Soy and bran should be added to your diet to make up for this.
  9. You have bleeding gums. Vitamin C deficiency is a common cause of bleeding gums. Adding more citrus fruits and broccoli could be the answer.

We may wish our bodies would be happy with French fries, coke and cakes but the truth is the healthy stuff is always better. If you find yourself facing any of the nine signs, take it as a cue to rethink your diet and make the necessary changes.