Focus: The Key to Your Fitness Success

People are becoming more and more conscious of the need to change their habits and embark on a healthier lifestyle but the sad truth is few are succeeding. Recent statistics show that less than 5% of adults in America participate in 30 minutes of any kind of physical activity a day and in a week only 1 in 3 adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity. This means that although one may be trying to have a healthy diet, their efforts may be futile without a proper fitness program. For many, going on a diet is the first step they take to try and lose weight. Is this an effective approach? Or should our focus be on something else?

Diet and weight loss

One of the greatest reasons for failure at diets is loss of motivation. The number of foods restricted simply becomes too much to bear and slowly but surely, people end up back to their old eating habits. Focusing too much on diets is in effect destroying all the long term benefits of weight loss. The more frustrated people are about not being able to follow their diets, the less likely they are to continue trying to live healthy. It is always vital to slowly gain a sense of self achievement which will give the necessary motivation to continue. The secret is focusing on developing a healthier fitness routine first.


Although the fact is diet and fitness work hand in hand, paying too much attention on diet usually costs so much money and brings little or no visible benefits. Quick-fix weight loss programs never work in the long run.

Watch a video on 3 Easy Fitness Tips that can dramatically change your current fitness status:

Focus on Fitness

A fit body is better able to make fit choices when it comes to diet. What is more though is that the benefits of being fit can be experienced almost instantly. From better sleep to less stress and more energy, one can gain the motivation to continue compared to focusing on a diet. The more you experience the joy of having an active life, the more you will want to maintain it. And everything else will follow naturally.


Physical fitness for instance means having a healthier body that is able to better burn fats, lower blood pressure, have a great immune system. Connecting this with food basically means you will be able to naturally burn more calories than before and digest food better. Once your body gets into a routine of physical activity, it will be more disciplined to avoid certain foods and eat more healthy foods.

So start changing your lifestyle today, go for walks, upgrade to runs, do some lifts, bike – do anything physical at least 30 minutes a day. Focus on fitness not fatness.