10 Ways to Beat the Heat this summer

There are many reasons to love the summer-vacations, beach, and sun tan but although you may love the sunny weather, it can be dangerous. Recent years has seen record breaking temperatures. Tucson, Arizona for example beat a 20 year old heat record by reaching 115 degrees on June this year. Wild fires are also becoming an increasing problem in South California as temperatures raise to alarming heights. What is more disturbing are the fatalities due to heat waves and many hikers have did in Arizona because of intense temperatures. Despite the havoc the sun is raging, you can still enjoy your summer. All you need to do is keep yourself protected. Here are 10 ways to do just that.

  1. Drink lots and lots of liquids

Aside from drinking water, the menthol in mint makes our brains think that we are cooling so keep a pitcher of iced peppermint tea this summer.

  1. Skip your outdoor workout

Having a physical fitness routine is great but if it takes you outdoors in the heat of the sun, you might want to think of canceling it for a while. If skipping exercise is unacceptable, then simply take it to the gym or wait until the sun dips before venturing outside.

  1. Freeze your pillow

This may sound weird but to ensure that you get a good start when you go to bed, put your pillowcase into a plastic bag and freeze it. Before going to bed, put it back. The nice cold sensation will be enough to put you to sleep.

  1. Eat something spicy

The sweating that happens after you eat spicy food will help you cool off. This is because of something called gustatory sweating.

  1. Get your hat and keep it light

Wear light clothing made of fabrics like linen or cotton which keep you cool and absorb heat. Remember to protect your head by wearing a hat.


  1. Cool down at the movies

The heat is a perfect reason to go to the movies and spend hours in the air-conditioned theater.

  1. Keep the sun out with blinds drawn

To minimize the heat that enters your home, keep the blinds or shades drawn when the sun is out.

  1. Cool with a fan
  2. Seek shelter at a cooling station

Although these may not be available in all areas, some communities have put up cooling stations where people can rehydrate with water while they cool down.

  1. Eat icecream

However you plan to do it, make sure you and your family keeps their cool this summer.